Delicious Snacks in Smart City Kakinada

Do you know where you can find most delicious Scacks in Smart city kakinada?

1.For soups and non veg dry items - Meridian below padma priya Theater. Must taste Polo chicken.

2. For chicken D.ummmm biryani Yati opp. Aishwarya grand. Chicken drum stick is special here.

3. For Dilkush biryani (chicken) Ulavacharu near nagamallithota jn. Guntur karam idly is spl here.

4.Feeling Hungry at midnight, drive to Amma fastfood Center near bhanugudi jn. Even at 12AM you can taste hot and delicious food.

5. Soft and yummy IDLY with coconut chutney in Night hotel near railystation. Don't forget to taste upma.